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PartyGenie UX/UI + Animation

mockups of app screens

PartyGenie is an app that makes event planning and creation seamless by providing a suite of unique services.  This app explores the opportunity of providing a community forum to review event plans and see what can be accomplished within certain budgets. Unlike most event planning apps and services, PartyGenie focuses on personal community celebrations rather than conferences or conventions. Using the app, the event planners will benefit from a community space for questions and reviews, a system of reminders for the event planner, a screen to balance the budget, recommended venue options, texting/emailing invitations, adding food catering, creating a menu, establishing a dress code, and sending tickets.

Project summary :

The breadth of this project spanned multiple aspects of app development including: 

Full Prototype Walkthrough:


Welcome Screen Animation

New Event Process

Budget Page

Community Forum Page

New Post Process

App Architecture:

Client Details

This project was completed for my Interactive Media class at James Madison University

Service Provided

App design, app development, UX design, animation.

Tools Used

Adobe XD, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects.