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Drinkisty Product Branding

Project summary :

Drinkistry is an organic kombucha brand I developed that embodies the intersection between the ideas of “drink” and “chemistry”. The wordmark combines type with the movement and effervescence of Kombucha. The symmetry of the reflected lines create a sense of completeness and draw the eye inward toward the type.

I chose a bright red and a soft blue as the prominent colors to visually manifest the relationship between beverages and chemistry. Both are uniquely different, however, when combined, they make a cohesive fun product. The red grabs the attention of the consumer and the blue welcomes them to take a sip. The rounded bubbles on the can also evoke and sense of playfulness. 

Initial Logo Development
Client Details

I completed this project as part of my Typography I class at James Madison University.

Service Provided

Packaging Design, Product Branding, Logo Development

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop