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CityQuest Brand + Logo Development


When branding CityQuest, I wanted to focus on three words: Exciting, Clean, and Bold. The user should feel energized, ambitious, and curious while using the app, so I chose a deep blue and gold as CityQuest’s primary colors. The color blue is traditionally used to evoke a sense of trustworthiness and dependability, while also representing aspects of the sky and sea. When combined with gold, an earth toned metal, this color combination represents the intersection between land and water, much like Washington D.C.’s rich history of utilizing the Potomac River as a natural resource. Gold is also the color of prestige and success, paying homage to competitive aspect of CityQuest as a gameplay app.


The CityQuest logo features a block-like “C” and “Q” fitted together to form a QR code icon, as all purchases and rentals are done through I chose to use a square shape and hard corners to represent the angular planning grids that most American cities use as a blueprint. This multifaceted logo also doubles as a magnifying glass with a pixelated handle to evoke the sense of discovery and adventure that CityQuest has to offer. 
Client Details

The branding and logo for CityQuest were designed as part of a project for my Digital Media II class at James Madison University.

Service Provided

Logo development, Branding

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator